Terms & Conditions

The Tycoon Tours Ltd (“the Company”) accepts your (“the Customer”) booking under the following terms and conditions.

1) The Price is for up to 7 people. If there are less than 7 people for the tour, a discount may be applied. Please see “coupon” for how much discount may be applicable for you!
2) The prices do not include any ticket costs for any attraction. Customers are responsible for the purchase of those tickets.
3) We don’t accept any liability for a temporary or part closure of any attraction on the day of the tour.
4) A 10%  cancellation fee will be applied if the tour is cancelled up to a week in advance, 25% cancellation fee will apply if the tour is cancelled 4 days in advance, a 50% cancellation fee will apply if the tour is cancelled 2 days (48 hours) in advance and 75% for any less then 24 hours notice of cancellation will apply.
5) We reserve the right to refuse on tour to anyone whose conduct or manner is likely to cause an offence to others on the tour or anyone with a medical condition that is going to make them and or others unwell during tour. A full cancellation charges will apply.
6) If after the booking you have some requests, we will endeavour to accommodate those but can’t guarantee them, they may add to your cost. But feel free to give us a call a discuss with us.
7) We may be forced to cancel a tour under unforeseen circumstances which may have an impact on health and safety or if circumstances are out with our control. In those rare cases we will issue either a refund or offer you to reschedule for next day, subject to availability.
8)We don’t accept any liability for loss or damage to your property or belong.
9) If you have any disability, before making any reservation, please call us, as if you proceed with booking and we can’t accommodate your requirements then cancellation fees will apply. We should be able to met some basic needs, but do call us.