1 DAY TOUR – Day Out To Loch Ness, Glen Coe and Highlands

Monsters, Mountains, Massacres- 1 Day Trip

Let’s get in our ride and explore history,mystery,nature and beauty of The Highlands. Take pleasure in the serene beauty of Scotland. Beginning your road route from the Motorway and an exit to M9 the popular stop over Calendar will be your first attraction. North is your direction from here through A82, Glen Coe Massacre memorial to make you living the past as we move ahead. Beautiful second largest settlement of the Highlands has Fort William. Hill walking and climbing are the recreational options next as close to Fort William is the highest mountain in British Isles, ‘Ben Nevis’. The beautiful village of Fort Augustus with nature pouring in splendor to halt next. The wilderness of Cairngorms National Park will be part of your vision on the way. Loch Ness mystery monster is next as Lunch time ‘monster spotting’ would be nothing but a total thrill over the Loch waters in a cruise. Pitlochory as last stop over to give your day a beautiful end.


A lively tourist town on the River Teith is popularly described as the gateway to the Highlands. Tea shops and souvenir shops of this pretty town will give you a great start.


Feb 13, 1692, a massacre took place in Glen Coe, Highlands at three settlements simultaneously in the aftermath of Glorious Revolution. The romanticized massacre as discussed in Victorian era will be all you can experience standing by the Glen Coe massacre Memorial.


A major tourist centre with Glen Coe in south is situated close to Ben Nevis and Glen Nevis mountains.


Historic region of Scotland with various mountain ranges including Ben Nevis; the highest mountain in British Isles is a sparsely populated area now due to outlawed way of traditional life style which is a reason it has preserved nature’s share. Visit the serene.


Generating its economy’s major portion from tourism Fort Augustus has a lot of recreational spots and resources.


Spectacular Cairngorms National park is Britain’s largest living, working landscape with wild land in its centre and a variety of outdoor activities and attractions. Don’t forget to bring your camera.


Larger by volume and second largest by surface area, Loch Ness is the lake with more fresh water as compared to any other lake of England. Alleged home to Loch Ness monster which is reported of its existence there since 7th century, this lake lies along the Great Glen Fault. Lunch and taking a cruise on Loch waters will add to the thrill of monster spotting.


Clear bright air, striking scenery, rich clan history and lots to see is there at Pitlochory. Our last spot on the way back to Edinburgh.

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